Blue Label

Rotary, Evaporator

(10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 200L)

Designed for Industrial and Production Use

We can make Rotary Evaporators equipped with a 200L Flask – the world’s biggest.

No. Equipment description Rotation Flask 20L Rotation Flask 30L Rotation Flask 50L Rotation Flask 100L Rotation Flask 200L
RE1-20G-1HP RE1-30G-1HP RE1-50G-1HP RE1-100G-1HP RE1-200G-1HP
1 Bath Lift Hand Lift Hand Lift Hydraulic Lift Hydraulic Lift Hydraulic Lift
2 Circulation Pump(for shower) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Dimension 1110W*650D*2150H 1515W*650D*2200H 1940W*900D*2900H 2050W*900D*2970H 2355W*900D*3520H
4 Condensate Area 0.6m² 1m² 1.25m² 2.3m² 4.0m²
5 Rotation Speed 0 ~120 rpm 0 ~120 rpm 12 ~120 rpm 12 ~120 rpm 0 ~ 60 rpm
6 Receiving Flask 10L 20L 20L 30L 50L
7 RPM indicator Digital Display
8 Vacuum(Ultimate Pressure) 133Pa(1torr) 133Pa(1torr) 133Pa(1torr) 133Pa(1torr) 667Pa(5torr)
9 Temp.Range Heating Bath Digital Display : 20 ~ 90°C (Water Bath)/Digital : 20 ~ 200°C (Oil Bath)
10 Heater Total 4kW
(main 2kW+
sub 2kW)
Total 4kW
(main 2kW+
sub 2kW)
Total 10kW
(main 5kW+
sub 5kW)
Total 12kW
(main 6kW+
sub 6kW)
Total 12kW
(main 6kW+
sub 6kW)
11 Temp. Control PID from main heater, ON/OFF Control
12 Overheat Cut-off Protection YES
13 Power Source AC200V 3 phase,20A AC200V 3 phase,20A AC200V 3 phase,30A AC200V 3 phase,40A AC200V 3 phase,50A

1 Rotation Flask 2 Feed Tube, PTFE 3 Mechanical Seal 4 Thermometer Pocket
5 Hose connector, L-shape 6 Plug 7 Condenser, Reflux Divider 8 Liquid Feed Valve
9 straight valve 10 Vacuum vent valve 11 Receiver

Highly Chemical Resistance

All components that make contact with liquids and gases are made of borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE.

Highly Resistant Performance

Rotary shaft is made of glass only.
Center deflection is minimum:±0.13mm.
PTFE is mixed with carbon graphite.

Original Mechanical Seal

・Eliminates shredding of failing of bearing(Ceramic Sheet/Carbon Filled PTFE)
・Great for 24/7 Operation
・AG!Designed Mechanism;
utilizes different thermal expansion coefficients to create a tight, durable, long lasting seal that actually tightens with use.(SUS/PTFE/Glass)

Ultimate pressure
50 / 100L : 1Torr (133Pa)
200L : 5Torr (667Pa)

PTFE Centering Adaptor

PTFE centering adaptors that not only prevent flask breakage, but also ensure that the flask will always be mounted within 0.25mm of center, no matter who install it.

Unique External Shower for Optimum Heating

Recirculates the bath media for even heating

Sampling Port with Optional PTFE Plug

Remove and add samples easily without disassembling the flask.

Flask Handling Cart for 50L, 100L, and 200L Models

・No need to wait for cool down
・Safely transport the flask
・Easily empty material from flask
・Easy Cleaning


Patented flask handling carts that make it possible for a single operator to mount and remove 50, 100 and even 200 liter flasks

Evaporation curve