Miniplant Liquid – Liquid Extraction System 

Agitated Kuhni ™

Continuous liquid / liquid extraction in the extraction column results in a high separation stage with little space requirement.

Up to 15 sections with 120 compartments

  • Stufen
8 Zellen pro Element
  • Durchmesser
DN32 / DN60
  • Stauscheiben
Durchgang 25/50/75 %
  • Antrieb
variable Drehzahl; Digitale Drehzahlanzeige
  • Ausstattung
Mit Trenngefässen für schwere  und leichte Phasen
Hydraulischer Überlauf (manuell) oder Steuerung mittel Trennschichtmessung (elektornisch)
optional temeperierbare Ausführung
optional mit probenahmestutzen
  • Komplettlösungen
Module nach Kundenspezifikation


Extractioncolumn ECR

Starting with an inner diameter of 32 mm you can get results for scale-up.
These column types are designed for feasibility studies, scaled up and small scale productions The ECR internals are manufactured by SULZER Chemtech Ltd.

  • Economical Separation
  • Well-Proven, Highly Efficient Extractor
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Reliable Scale Up
  • Small Scale Production
  • Insensitive to suspended solids
  • Can be switched off and reused without time loss 


  • Manuell overflow or control with separating layer sensor and valves / pumps
  • Jacketed for temperature control
  • Optional with sampling nozzles

Proprietary Column Internals

Magnetic Seal Bearing

Customized Configuration Available!

Together we can work to find the perfect solution to suit your
application requirements.