Filter Reactor, Bench-top

(1L, 2L, 3L, 5L)

Reaction + Filtration = Filter Reactor

It achieves Filtration and Reaction with the one apparatus.
The best choice for the customer who needs efficient recovery.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or
custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Reactor Capacity 1,2,3,5L
Reactor type Double Wall; Jackted
Operating Pressure -1 bar G(Full Vacuum) to + 0.5 bar G (+ 0.05 Mpa)
Operating Temperature -90°C to +200°C(△T: 110°C)

※The system does not include overhead stirrer , circulator and chiller.

No. Equipment
1 Double wall vessel w/o ring baffle, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L)
2 L-shape drain valve
3 Glass cover, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L), 6 ports (TS24/40×5, TS29/42×1)
4 Quick release clamp, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L)
5 O-ring,vition®, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L)
6 Metal Adaptor for HTF, L-type, screw coupling, M16
7 PTFE stirrer guide, glass ball bearing, TS24/40, shaft OD:10mm
8 PTFE stirrer shaft, screw propeller, shaft OD:10mm
9 Temperature probe holder, PTFE, TS24/40, prove OD:8mm
10 Temperature sensor probe, OD:8mm, L:660mm
11 Stopper for hand hole, TS29/42
12 Stopper for additional hole, TS24/40
13 Dimroth Condenser, TS24/40, TS15/25
14 Vent adaptor, TS15/25
15 Dropping funnel with stopper, Graduated, TS24/40
16 Quick release clamp for bottom, DN150 (1L, 2L) / DN200 (3L, 5L)
17 O-ring for bottom, perfluoro®, DN150 (1L, 2L) / DN200 (3L, 5L)
18 Filteration part, PTFE, DN150 (1L, 2L) / DN200 (3L, 5L)
19 Filteration retainer, DN150
20 Membrance filter
21 PTFE netting for bottom, 10 mesh
22 PFA male connector
23 support structure

Easy Scale-up

Utilizable chassis and Glass cover, etc for scale-up.
You can use the same chassis and Glass cover, etc. when you change vessels to different capacity (from 1L to 5L).

Full Jacket Design

Jacket Area Covers the Entire Vessel Area

Minimized Dead Space

Easily Removable Filter House


Compact Design

Rigid Inlet/Outlet

Complete Package