Blue Label

Filter Reactor,

Pilot-plant Fully Functional Stand

(10L, 20L, 30L)

It achieves Filtration and Reaction within the one single apparatus.
The best choice for the customer who needs efficient recovery.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Reactor Capacity 10,20,30L
Reactor Type Double Wall; Fully Jacketed
Operating Pressure -1bar G(Fully Vacuum) to + 0.5 bar G(+0.5Mpa)
Operating Temperature -90°C to + 200 °C(ΔT: 110°C)

* The system does not include overhead stirrer, circulator, and chiller.
* Please contact us for customized system.


No Name of Parts Material Qty. No Name of Parts Material Qty.
1 Jacket filter reactor Borosi. glass 3.3 1 2 Drain valve, L-shape Borosi. glass 3.3 1
3 Condenser with reflux Borosi. glass 3.3 1 4 Safty valve Borosi. glass 3.3 1
5 Receiver Borosi. glass 3.3 2 6 Other glass assembly Borosi. glass 3.3 1 set
7 Structure base SS+Epoxy coated 1 8 Flat cover SS304+PFAcoating 1
9 PTFE stirrer shaft PTFE 1 10 PTFE stirrer guide PTFE 1
11 Pefluoro O-ring Pefluoro 1 12 Flange & Insert for main body 1 set
13 Fixing band SS304 1 set 14 Diaphragm-type pressure gauge 1
15 HTF hose adapter SS304 2 16 Filteration parts 1
17 Flange & Couplings 1 set

Integrated Built-in Hand Lift

Easy up-and-down operation thanks to the hand lift helps with cleaning of the vessel.

Easily Removable Filter House

Convenient for delivering filtrated material

Full Jacket Design

Excellent Temperature Control

Includes Receiver, Piping, Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve and Reflux Divider

Minimized Dead Space