Yasuyuki Ikeda

Creating a rewarding workplace and developing the technology needed by society.

Our workplace is one that generates practical and emotional satisfaction for all of our employees through the development, manufacture and sale of AG! products and services. Our hope is that our advances in research and development will result in beneficial contributions to society. Ensuring the satisfaction of our employees means enhancing the devotion, loyalty, and sense of gratefulness of our employees; these are the qualities that make us human. We must constantly take up new challenges, devote ourselves to overcoming them, and face any troubles that arise. Such an attitude develops one’s character, and one’s company must provide a good working environment where such development can occur. Our high level of employee satisfaction contributes to the happiness of our customers and the creation of technology beneficial to society

All members at AG!, including employees, shareholders, board members, and the CEO, are to implement the following principles affirmatively.

3 Promises and 4 Responsibilities

3 Promises (3P)

A promise in which the CEO vows to all members at AG!

Promise 1:To continue to build and help our staff develop, which provide opportunities utilizing the best qualities of each member’s abilities.
Promise 2:To create a safe, enjoyable and worthwhile workplace where staff may work without waste and difficult obstacles.
Promise 3:To create a company full of thankfulness and friendship to our customers and our colleagues.

4 Responsibilities (4R’s)

The CEO and all members of AG! Group must vow to take the following responsibilities.

Responsibility 1:Responsibility to our families and to ourselves

  • We cannot satisfy our customer without satisfying ourselves.
  • To improve the quality of life and our personal intellect.
  • To create an enjoyable, comfortable, and worthwhile work environment.
  • To maintain our work environment in a clean, proud, and safe manor.
  • To create a respectful and friendly workplace with no personal discrimination or abuse.
  • To create a healthy relationship among ourselves so that ideas and suggestions are made freely.
  • To provide fair promotion opportunities to all staff in the AG! Group regardless of nationality, age, experience, or gender.
  • To pursue happiness and accomplish mission not only for the AG! Group of employees, but in addition to their beloved and supportive families.

Responsibility 2:Responsibility to our customer

  • Aim to win our customers’ support and appreciation.
  • To manufacture high quality products and services with satisfaction and to facilitate relationships with our customers.
  • To constantly seek means to reduce cost and to offer AG! products and services at favorable prices to our customers.
  • To respond promptly and efficiently to our customers’ needs.
  • To suggest solutions to problems and difficulties that our customers face to build solid and meaningful relationships with them.

Responsibility 3:Responsibility to our community

  • To be an honest, responsible and productive as citizens of our society.
  • To give thanks and contribute to our local communities.
  • To practice “Mottai-nai (“persistent concern over waste”) and actively preserve the natural environment and our precious resources.

Responsibility 4:Responsibility to our shareholder

  • We must run our business to produce a healthy return.
  • To beware of changes in the business environment, keep flexible and creative minds, and continue to grow under any situation.
  • To be thankful for shareholders and yield a fair return.
  • To continually invest in human resources, R&D, and company facilities for the creation of new products and services, in the interest of continuous development, improvement, and advancement.
  • To retain valuable capitol for investing in growth and prepare for slowed economic down turns.