Blue Label

Fully Functional Stand

(10L, 20L,30L, )

Precise and efficient temperature control, minimum energy loss can be realized using our Reaction Vessel.


You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

We sincerely trust our reaction vessel with fitted Ring Baffle and Vacuum Jacket suits your needs.

Reactor Volume 10, 20, 30L
Reactor Type Double Wall; Jacketed, Triple Wall
Operating Pressure -1bar g(Full Vacuum) to + 0.5bar g(+0.05Mpa)
Operating Temperature -90°C to + 230 °C
ΔT 110°C(Double Wall),
60°C(Triple Wall)

*The system does not include overhead stirrer and thermostat.
* Please contact us for customized system.

1 Reactor 2 Flush valve 3 Condenser with reflux
4 Safety valve 5 Receiver 6 Structure base
7 Flat cover 8 PTFE stirrer guide, glass ball bearing 9 PTFE stirrer shaft, shaft OD:16mm
10 Dropping funnel 11 Sub cooler 12 Thermometer pocket
13 Hand hole 14 Diaphragm – type pressure gauge 15 HITF hose adapter

Integrated Built-in Hand Lift

Easy up-and-down operation thanks to the hand lift helps with cleaning of the vessel.

Compact Footprint

Includes Receiver, Piping, Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge and Reflux Divider

You can choose 3 kinds of Reaction Vessels

Ring Baffles for fast and precise temperature control

Only one technique for temperature control

Our glass ring baffles distribute heat transfer fluid evenly throughout the jacket, promoting precise temperature control and allowing temperature control units to operate at maximum efficiency with fast heating / cooling response.
Only AG! offers this advanced design for all our glass reactors.
Cross-sectional view of the reactor with ring baffles

Promoting precise and efficient temperature control

The reaction temperature in the AG! vessel is controlled efficiently and precisely using glass ring baffles, as the guide plates in the jacket promote thermal energy transfer by using the entire heat exchange area of the vessel, and by using maximum available energy generated in temperature control units.

With AG! glass reactor with Ring Baffles, heat transfer fluid enters the vessel through the green line, and then it is forced to circulate evenly throughout the jacket to promote turbulent flow and improved heat exchange area usage for efficient heat transfer. Thus, process temperature will be precisely controlled with less energy and time.In einem AG! Glassreaktionsgefäss mit Kreisring-Strömungsstörer tritt das Wärmeträgermedium durch die grün gekennzeichnete Zuführung ein, zirkuliert durch erzwungene Turbulenz im gesamten Mantel was zu wirksamem Wärmetransfer führt. Auf diese Weise kann die Arbeitstemperatur präzise beherrscht und mit weniger Energie und in kürzerer Zeit gesteuert werden.

Left : Without Ring Baffle
Right : With Ring Baffle

Less time and more productivity

Faster and more uniform temperature control will lead to improved productivity with shorter process time and higher yield per batch, accelerating the progress and reducing the costs in many aspects of your research.Eine schnellere und gleichmässigere Temperaturkontrolle führt zu gesteigerter Produktivität mit kürzeren Prozesszyklen und höherer Ausbeute pro Batch, was die Kosten reduziert und weitere Aspekte ihrer Arbeit verbessert.

Advantages of vacuum jacket

Observable Reaction Vessel

Even at temperatures above 150°C or below -50°C, no heat insulating materials are needed with AG! Triple-Walled reaction vessels. Reactions can be monitored visually anytime at any temperature during the process, and thus, you will be able to respond readily to changes that may lead to emergencies or to innovations.

Fast temperature control and minimum energy loss

The vacuum jacket virtually eliminates all heat exchange between the jacket outer surface and the atmosphere, and promotes thermal energy transfer for the process by reserving maximum available energy from temperature control units. Due to near perfect insulation, there is almost no frost formation or minimal condensation on the outer wall of the reaction vessel during low-temperature operations (i.e. below dew point or sub-zero operation). Faster temperature control with less energy loss will improve overall process performance.

Widest Temperature Range in the World

Triple-Walled reactor with Ring Baffle can achieve super-low temperature.


Temperature Range:-120℃ ~ +250 ℃


ΔT:  60℃ (Triple Wall)

ΔT: 110℃ (Double Wall

High quality and Unique Engineering Design

All glass welded construction


Wall thickness and pressure is perfected by AG! (with ring baffles only)


Proprietary Ring Baffle Technology

Production Ratios in Line with Manufacturing Scale

All Triple Wall reactors are designed to keep the Height(H)/ID(W) ratio within 1 to 1.5 for structural security, performance and easy scale up.

AG! 50L
Triple Wall
ID: Height 1:1.2 1:2.5
Glass Ring Baffles with Ring Baffles without Ring Baffles
Jacket Volume minimum Large

No Dead Space

Leak-proof Flush Valve

Pressure-sensitive spring-loaded Flush Valve prevents leakage

Industrial Design Inlet/Outlet

Sturdy and adaptable, preventing leakage


Left : For Triple-Walled Reactor
Right : For Double-Walled Reactor